Utilizing Recreational Therapy for Mental Health

Author: Kaylah Gearhart

Recreational therapy utilizes recreational type treatment services to benefit the overall health of a patient. Recreational therapy activities can include, but are not limited to crafts, games, sports, animal therapy, dance, music, art and community outings. There are numerous benefits of utilizing recreational therapy and activities in both individual and group settings.

Benefits of Recreational Therapy

Recreational therapy can boost mental health, physical health, social skills/social health and can allow patients to find new interests.

Mental Health

Recreational activities allow you to address your emotions and how you handle what you are feeling. You may feel frustration and be able to decide how you want to overcome the frustration. Recreational activities can also allow you to feel accomplishment, a sense of being proud of yourself.

Physical Health

Since many recreational activities are physical activities such as sports, games and dancing, this allows you to get exercise. You may also notice an improvement in appetite and sleep when participating in recreational activities.

Social Skills

Recreational activities are a great way to not only boost your personal skills, but also your social skills. Recreational activities can often be done in a group or with a team. Even if you are doing an activity that is an individual activity you can do it with a group of people with the same interests. With time, you will be able to communicate and talk more with people who share similar interests, and maybe even similar experiences, as you.

Treatments for SA:

Seasonal affective disorder is treated with a few common treatments. Some of these treatments can be done at home.

Finding New Interests

Recreational therapies allow you to find new hobbies or interests. You may be asked to do an activity that doesn’t seem fun or might be intimidating at first, but with time you may like it and look forward to that activity. It is important to try new things and find activities that interest you.

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